GATA will be rising today – we will be participating in the one billion rising initiative! Join us in dance at 16h in Praça da Liberdade, Porto! (Photos will come later).


guerrilla art workshop on human rights day
December 11, 2011, 23:41
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On International Human Rights Day, the 10th December, we facilitated a workshop on Guerrilla Art around the themes of Gender + Art + Human Rights. It was fun and it was in Lisbon (at the Centro de Cultura e Intervenção Feminista). We played with images and ideas all morning and stayed to symbolically occupy the afternoon Tertúlia (we will show pics one of these days). The Tertúlia was really worth staying for! so here our thanks to all involved in the Humanizarte event.

December 6, 2011, 00:19
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Inserida na campanha 16 dias de activismo contra a violência de género, esta acção desafia todos a participar no espalhar desta mensagem. A ideia é que a imagem possa ser usada como sticker e colada em diversos locais – em particular nas portas dos WCs para homens em espaços públicos.

Usem as imagens ou os pdfs (aqui e aqui e aqui). Gravem, publiquem, partilhem, imprimam e distribuam livremente – a ideia é chegar o mais longe possível 🙂

Still part of the 16 days against gender violence campaign, this action challenges everyone to participate in the spreading of this sign. Use the image to make stickers and place them in diverse places – in particular we thought it could be good to use them on the doors of public WC for men.

Use the images or the .pdfs (here and here and here). Save, publish, share, print and distribute freely – the idea is to get as far as possible 🙂

action 3 – High~lighting Rights in the Streets of Porto
December 1, 2010, 20:00
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for awareness and solidarity regarding HIV/AIDS and Gender Violence